Odiin´s art

As a painter

I am self-taught.

I`m Odiin.

This is my artist name.

My country is Norway

My hometown is Kristiansand

My interest for

art, design and colors

has developed during

many years.

In 2019

I started full time

as a visual artist.

I have no limits..

..to what I paint

and how I paint.

The more

        I explore...

the more

        I develop..

I love colours and contrasts.

It`s everywhere..

Changes in light, colours, materials and texture.

In my paintings

I combine the use of

spatula, palette knife and brushes.

For the support I use aluminium and plywood boards in addition to canvas.

This fascinates me

and I always get inspired to paint..

When I paint I feel free..

If I succeed - I will paint...

..Free to paint

..WHAT I want, WHERE I want and WHEN I want.

If I fail - I will still paint.


- Det Lille Galleri, Kr.sand

- EVA senter, Kr.sand

Inspired by nature..